Mustardmind is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based art-rock band formed as the brainchild of Bobby Lewis. In the fall of 2016, Mustardmind birthed the six-track Peep EP. Although released independently, the EP received acclaim from several local NYC outlets. Justin Hernandez of Impose Magazine praised the release, describing it as “dramatically tense, yet serene” and Elena Childers of Alt Citizen and BTRtoday called it “devious, experimental, and touching all in one” and complimented Mustardmind’s sound as being a “ whole lotta uniqueness and thrill.”

After two years of subsequent gigging around NYC and touring the northeast, Mustardmind has returned with a pair of new tracks, “Bad Juju” and “Saving Face” and will release a new EP in early 2019.

Bass / Dave Kahn
Guitar, Lead Vocals / Bobby Lewis
Keyboards, Backing Vocals  / Sam Bierman
Drums, Backing Vocals / Jon Perry

Brooklyn art rock band Mustardmind headshots